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I thought I was happy to see you include an article about Dr. Laura (Demimonde, 4/17) until I attempted to read it. Your reporter must not have done any reasonable research or he/she would know that:

1) Dr. Laura is first and foremost concerned with the welfare and best interest of children.

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Your contribution is appreciated.

2) She avoids giving “advice” but instead shares opinions.

3) She tries to show the caller the choices available.

4) She advocates taking personal responsibility for one’s actions.

5) She frequently refers callers to therapists who can be more helpful than she can in one telephone call.

6) She discourages gossip.

In the article, the reporter seemed:

1) hysterical, 2) angry (at someone she doesn’t know), 3) incoherent, 4) defensive, 5) prejudiced, and 6) jealous.

Thank you.