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I am writing in reference to an extremely offensive comic strip (Red Meat, 4/17) in the Washington City Paper. As someone who was born with (mostly nonvisible) physical problems and, much more importantly, as someone who works with people who have a disability—including experience working with people who were paralyzed—I found your strip making light of a person with a deformed leg very bothersome; yes, it did remind me of the “sick” jokes that children told in the 1950s.

My reaction is to sincerely hope that Max Cannon experiences some kind of misfortune that leaves him paralyzed, at least in both legs; then, he can make fun of people’s physical conditions all he wants! On the other hand, if it turns out that he is already paralyzed, please include a photograph—showing the paralyzed body parts, of course—with future cartoons in order to allow the adolescent readers of City Paper who appreciate his comic strips to laugh at his physical condition.

(I realize that your paper is primarily intended for immature adults, even though you sometimes have interesting articles. In any case, the comic strip criticized above illustrates why I would probably never pick up City Paper if it were not free.)

Takoma Park, Md.