Referring to Steve Rosenberg’s offense at Max Cannon’s comic strip

(The Mail, 4/24), I invite Mr. Rosenberg to explore the work of nationally syndicated cartoonist John Callahan. You see, Mr. Callahan’s work targets not only physical impairment, but religion, dysfunctional families, feminism, alcoholism, and any other forum where political correctness has denied us the ability to enjoy life.

If your request for a picture of Mr. Callahan to “laugh at” is important, I’m sure he’d be willing to provide you one of him in his wheelchair, where he’s been confined as a quadriplegic since the age of 21. Unfortunately, the mother who abandoned him in infancy and his bouts of alcoholism since age 12 probably don’t show well in a photograph.

Mr. Rosenberg, most of the persons with handicaps whom I’ve dealt with over the years have had a wonderful attitude about their condition, and not infrequently made their own off-color humor about their disabilities. When politically correct behavior becomes the standard for our existence for all our waking hours (oops, am I being insensitive to those like myself with sleep disorders?), we cease to be human and become automatons.

It appears, Mr. Rosenberg, that your most serious disability was being born without a sense of humor. Or did you lose it in some tragic accident?

And since you state the only reason you pick up the City Paper is because it’s free, I must assume your impairments include being either cheap or

a freeloader.

Alexandria, Va.

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