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Your Loose Lips column about Harold Brazil (4/17) is another indication of the moronic behavior D.C. citizens continue to endure from mayoral candidates. With the Three Stooges (Brazil, Evans, and Chavous) as choices, I would rather see Marion run again so that we can all rest assured that the control board will live on, and that the city won’t drop into the abyss.

For some odd reason, Brazil seems to think that the way to the mayor’s office is through a slugging match with a gay Republican. Evans can’t see a corrupt and mismanaged police department long after everyone else has deemed it so. And Chavous still can’t seem to notice a school system crumbling down around him. What does it take to wake this guy up? A collapsed roof falling on his head? Does anyone really think these lightweights could run this city? Let Marion continue to do what he does best, which thankfully isn’t much these days, so what’s best for the city, and most importantly its taxpayers, doesn’t get sidetracked by this nuisance called a mayor’s race.

Dupont Circle

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