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I’m getting sick and tired of Georgetown ANC Commissioner Westy Byrd’s anti-student voting shtick (The Mail, 4/24). This time she’s camouflaging it by running off the litany of other alleged electoral abuses in the District. But her attempt at plausible deniability just doesn’t work

Her statistical complaints ignore the fact that in an urban context, especially in D.C., there are more adults living here, and therefore a higher percentage of registered voters. Comparing the numbers to suburban jurisdictions where families with kids abound is like comparing apples and sour grapes.

And for all the local college students who want to vote in D.C., how many District students who go to universities out of state are still on the voter rolls, presumably convenient for padding the votes in ANC elections? For people who live here nine or 10 months or more out of the year, why shouldn’t they vote here? Westy, stop trying to define and enforce. Because if you want to regulate democracy to death, then it stops being democratic.

Dupont Circle

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