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The Damage Done

Ward 3 neighbors complain about noise from Wisconsin Avenue car wash; “Those brushes make a hell of a racket when they hit those BMW hubcaps,” says local ANC commissioner. -2

Former head of Amtrak heads panel to revitalize downtown, touts overpriced ham-and-cheese sandwiches as engine of economic growth. -3

At community meeting, Clinton administration budget director Franklin Raines decries city’s “let’s-make-a-deal attitude.” Tirade excludes mention of White House economic development corporation behind Door No. 3. -4

D.C. Housing Police remove pets from public housing projects, encourage residents to adopt pigeons. -6

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center opens; plans call for drug money to enter through Pennsylvania Avenue entrance and arms shipments to leave from 14th Street exit. -4

Protesters pile cans and newspapers in front of mayor’s office to protest city’s foot-dragging on recycling; Barry appoints new commission to separate plastics from glass. -5

Subtotal: -24

Shots in the Arm

Reconstructed Whitehurst Freeway slated for opening in August. “We hope to have it closed for further repairs by next January,” says D.C. traffic official. +3

Newly hired police chief Charles Ramsey vows to clean up department, inherits D.C. chief memorial broom in mint condition. +6

Mayoral hopeful Kevin Chavous hires consultant to improve city’s school lunch program; consultant’s first finding: Sloppy Joes are not one of four food groups. +5

Alliance of Concerned Men brokers truce between rival girls’ gangs in Northwest; Alliance of Unconcerned Men buys beer, chips, prepares to watch cat fights. +4

Army Corps of Engineers to repair District schools. “We’ll connect all the flooded hallways with pontoon bridges,” says corps official. +5

Schools czar Gen. Julius Becton leaves post: “I’m not going to sit around and take it.” Retired general vows to merely sit around from now on. +6

Subtotal: +29