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O Wonderful Article (“Young, White, and Out of Control,” 5/1)!

So wonderful I gave up reading after three paragraphs.

Deliberately omitting reference to race, I quote: “…At least they [one group] have a reason…at least they offer some excuse: ‘He stepped on my shoe,’….[The others say thing like] ‘I wanted to see what it was like.’”

Shameless apologism, by the article’s author! If going 5 mph over the speed limit were the issue, that manner of comparing would be appropriate. To me, both types as described were equally monstrous—and their excuses, their words, were undoubtedly dictated by what seemed “stylish” to say, as their acts were (when taken with those light words) obviously not dictated by sane reason, at all.

(And—though not a criminal—the same for the author of that piece!)

Arlington, Va.

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