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Your article “Remaining Silent” (4/24) by reporter Jason Cherkis contains errors of fact, most notable the assertion that the Metropolitan Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division has opened investigations of police officers who testified at a hearing before the Council Special Committee on Police Misconduct and Personnel Management.

Neither Sergeant Steve O’Dell nor Officer Katherine Taggert-Wilson has been a subject of an IAD investigation, a fact confirmed not only by the Department but by the officers themselves. In fact, Officer Taggert-Wilson informed us that she told Mr. Cherkis she has experienced no form of retaliation and believes the committee’s public hearings are important, and that her use of the term “political bullshit” referred not to the special committee but to testimony given by then-Interim Chief Sonya Proctor.

Retaliation by supervisors against District government employees for testimony before the D.C. Council is against the law, and the Special Committee will continue to take any and all necessary steps to see that law enforced. Many current and former MPD officers have come forward with information; we have no shortage of potential witnesses, despite the reporter’s assertion to the contrary. We will continue to present complete and factual information to the public through our hearings and recommend that you and your reporters show similar respect for accuracy.

Jack Evans

Kathy Patterson

D.C. Council

Special Committee on Police Misconduct and Personnel Management