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As I am currently subordinate to a Jeannette Wick clone, I can totally relate to the situation (“Doctor’s Orders,” 5/1). The Jeannette Wicks of the world should never manage or supervise other human beings. Clearly, something is amiss when several of her subordinates are seeking psychiatric help because of her management “style.” As to Ms. Wick’s “act,” I can attest that my supervisor has bamboozled her superiors for years into believing her subordinates are incompetent and therefore deserving of ill treatment or “tough management.”

I believe the only thing that will make management think twice about allowing this sort of thing is a nice fat lawsuit. Either that or someone comes in with an AK-47. Until we recognize that doing one’s job does not include humiliating or degrading other human beings, we can expect more of the latter, since lawsuits cost more.

Gabriela Ávila-Falcão

Logan Circle

via the Internet