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I read your recent article on Mark Rochon, Esquire (“Street Legal,” 5/1), with genuine and growing interest. It was very well written, knowledgeable about my arcane, sometimes difficult profession, and impossible to put down. It is always a marvel to me when someone can penetrate the inaccessible haze all lawyers throw up about our profession. When they also write something that is meaningful to lawyers and nonlawyers alike, it is a special event. You make it look easy when I know that it is not. Congratulations on a great piece.

It is one of the ironies of D.C. that the workings of what probably is the second largest business in the city are only haphazardly reported in the major press. It is rare that, even when a deal, or case, is big enough to make the mainstream news, the story includes the names of the lawyers and law firms that participated. As a lawyer I always look for that, who is doing what. But.

Anyway, you run against this questionable trend, and that is, unquestionably, good.

Alexandria, Va.