In a recent letter to you (The Mail, 4/24), Todd Mosley suggested that

I was a “newcomer” to Ward 1 community work.

Where was Todd in 1983-1984, when others and I were working at 18th and Belmont in Ward 1 to build a community-based response to an AIDS crisis that was just emerging? A thousand miles away, in school, is the answer.

Where was Todd in 1989-1990, when I and others expanded what was then a growing community-based operation at 14th and S Streets in Ward 1? Still out of town.

His own campaign literature tells us that he began his work in 1994-1996 with a seat on the ANC and a job with Marion Barry. By that time, I had been working for more than 10 years in Ward 1.

Todd Mosley calling me a “newcomer” is like Frank Smith calling himself a “reformer.” It’s simply unbelievable.

And by the way, the consolidation of the Adams Morgan Clinic—where there will be no reduction in public dollars—will potentially mean a greater commitment of funds to our neighborhoods than ever before. That will come from an expanding role within the public health system for previously excluded Latino-based community clinics.

Finally, should Todd be signing an obviously political letter as an ANC commissioner? Isn’t that supposed to be a nonpartisan position? Should I sign this letter as executive director of the Whitman-Walker Clinic?

Adams Morgan