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That was an fine story about prostitution and the frustrations of everybody involved, including the Orange-Hatters, the police, our Ward 2 D.C. Councilman Jack Evans, and everybody’s hero, Sgt. Frank Morgan (“The Sheriff of Naughtyham,” 5/15). Without a doubt, Jake Tapper is one of the best writers around.

One eensy-weensy complaint: Please quit inaccurately referring to “the prostitution-polluted Logan Circle area.” I know this will come as a shock to a lot of people, or sound like hair-splitting, but it really doesn’t happen here anymore. To say that prostitutes infest the Logan Circle neighborhood is as bad a geographical call as saying that President Clinton lives around Dupont Circle.

Serious prostitution years ago moved off our residential blocks and into the mostly business areas to the south of the Circle. Get a map and check it out. None of Darrow Montgomery’s pictures appear to have been made anywhere near the Circle. In fact, almost all the action described in the story appears to have taken place around Franklin Park and Mount Vernon Square.

Obviously, Logan Circle has become a convenient journalistic cliché# that people haul out whenever they want to deal with prostitution in D.C. Mr. Tapper certainly isn’t the first. The area did have a checkered reputation going back probably to the 1950s, when a lot of upstanding citizens fled to the suburbs after the Supreme Court school desegregation decision, abandoning these fine old homes (and the people who couldn’t flee) to their fates. It really isn’t justified any longer. I’ve lived here 25 years and haven’t seen prostitutes operating in the historic district (the circle itself and adjacent blocks) for at least 10 years. Only rarely do we see a stray hooker within a three- or four-block radius. (She usually looks like she just blew into town, pardon the expression, and doesn’t know where she is.)

Yet, you (and the Washington Post, too) seem forever ready to attribute prostitution to Logan Circle. As a result of this kind of publicity, we do periodically get influxes of people with Maryland and Virginia license plates cruising our streets with stupid (and ultimately disappointed) looks on their faces.

We’d really appreciate it if you’d cut it out.

At the same time, you seem to be in the habit of attributing nice things that happen around here to other neighborhoods, like the recent Loose Lips piece (3/20) about the flap over the prospective location of the new Fresh Fields food store in the 1400 block of P Street. You called that the Dupont Circle area, even though it’s five blocks from Dupont Circle, and one block off Logan Circle! Sorry to whine, but please, get thyself a map.

Logan Circle

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