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In 1959, as part of honkin’ saxophonist Big Jay McNeely’s band, Falls Church vocalist Little Sonny Warner had a national hit with the bluesy passion of “There Is Something on Your Mind.” In 1963, D.C. female trio the Jewels had a regional hit with “Opportunity” and backed James Brown in 1966 on “Don’t Be a Dropout.” After touring the chitlin circuit, these artists settled back down in D.C., working day jobs and raising families. They’ve continued performing at oldies concerts and down-home parties. Tonight, they’ll be demonstrating the beauty of skilled old-school warbling, each backed by the Brothers Plus One Band, at a dinner-and-dance location that has been the site of recent shows by the Legendary Orioles and Pookie Hudson. Impersonator “Little Fats Domino” will open at 8 p.m. at the Oxon Hill Fire Station, 7600 Livingston Rd., Oxon Hill. $25. (301) 567-6333. (Steve Kiviat)