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Bran Van 3000 (or BV3) are “big” in Canada, where they won a Juno Award (the Canadian version of the Grammy) for Glee. They are also literally big: The credits list more than 30 people in the Bran Van collective. The album’s cover proclaims that “You can take a trip around the world without leaving your easy chair…” Glee is a big overstuffed La-Z-Boy of a record—you just sink in and let the music wash over you. The opening track, “Gimme Sheldon,” lays out a salad of samples from De La Soul, Young MC, and Jeep Beat Collective, among others. From there, BV3 serve up an eclectic smorgasbord from around the musical world—hiphop, indie, punk, metal, folk, reggae, raga, and soul all make their appearance, often in the same song. “Drinking in L.A.,” the current single, is a good example, mixing a laid-back Beck-ish rap with a soul-diva chorus. “Forest,” another highlight, starts off sounding like Portishead, then shifts into an angry rap rant before culminating in a shiny, happy pop chorus. “Couch Surfer,” with lines such as “Can I crash at your place again/Just one more night” will raise a wry brow on anyone who’s ever had a freeloading friend overstay his welcome. As a nostalgic interlude midway through, Quiet Riot’s “Cum on Feel the Noize” gets the lo-fi, campfire treatment. Listeners may also find “Une Chanson” familiar, borrowing heavily as it does from “Perfect” on The The’s 1983 album Soul Mining. The problem with poaching from so many different genres is that when it’s not inspired, it’s merely formulaic pastiche.—Niall Brennan