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This is not a letter to defend Fugazi (“Kill Yr Idols,”5/15). I can’t stand reading anything that Jason Cherkis writes. He has no creditability. Article after article I read, and I promise never again to read anything he writes. I don’t think I have read anything since the Delta 72 preview he wrote. I saved that one for some reason.

D.C. is a different town; it isn’t like most places. Capital Radio is an important statement recently because it plays punk music on the radio, almost free-format. Something this place has never known since WGMU, for the most part. Independent music is special in this town, and a lot of people work hard at it. I saw the pictures of Fugazi and wanted to read about a band I like. Believe me, I don’t care if someone writes a bad record review even if I know the record is great. People have their own opinion and taste in music. That is what makes America great. I just have one question, Jason: What have you done in your life that gives you the right to criticize people who work putting out independent music in D.C.? Is it your insight into the D.C. political community? After the Lilith Fair article, Jason, you should have stopped writing. I don’t know why you keep digging yourself a deeper hole. Jason, you are a punk kid.

I know Jason has in the past made fun of people’s imperfections; the thing is, I know how hard people work in D.C. putting out music.

Getting back to the review of the Fugazi record. I read it once, and I keep asking myself, Why does the City Paper waste the paper? A band like Fugazi that has put a lot into the music scene in D.C. deserves at least a fair critic to review the record, be it a good or bad review.

Thank you for your support.

Arlington, Va.

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