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I got a great belly laugh reading Donald Smith’s letter “Escape From Logan Circle” (The Mail, 5/22): “Only rarely do we see a stray hooker within a three- or four-block radius.” Excuse me, but what Logan Circle is he talking about? He may know his geography, but he evidently doesn’t know his whores.

I live at 1301 Vermont, at the end of the first block off of the circle. The situation has eased over the 15 years that I’ve lived here, but I can attest that hookers remain a regular part of the street scene. If that weren’t the case, then Sgt. Morgan’s squad wouldn’t have run its sting operation literally under my window several times last year. Nor would he have blocked off N Street with orange cones several times this spring.

What is Smith? A real estate agent spinning the neighborhood.

Logan Circle

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