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How utterly pathetic that Chief Management Officer Camille Cates Barnett, or anyone in the District hierarchy for that matter, feels it necessary to kowtow to self-appointed civic potentates such as Marilyn Groves (Loose Lips, 5/15). When Groves can use her pompous pushiness to destroy potential city services such as the proposed $2.2 million recycling contract solely in order to push her nonsensical agenda of moving pickups to alleys instead of curbside, then something is seriously wrong, especially with Cates’ management philosophy.

While it is at least promising that D.C. Council members such as Sharon Ambrose recognize the faults in the results of Groves’ power trip, it’s about time that Mrs. Groves and her acolytes see that their mind-set does the city no good at all.

Dupont Circle

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