This whole article (“Getting Over It for Good,” 5/22) has made me sick to my stomach. The object of the City Paper is supposed to be to present the truth of the city. Well, in this article that is hardly the case. The fact of the matter is that Mayor Marion Barry has helped this city come a long way, and everyone knows that, including all of you who wrote this article.

Although he has had his tough times, such as everyone does, he has always instilled in people to have pride in themselves and strive to be the best. I don’t know the mayor personally, but I have been very pleased with his will and ambition to do what needs to be done for the city and the youth, which his focus has strongly been on for years.

Speaking of youth, if it weren’t for Mayor Barry, we would have never have had summer jobs. We all know that he employed over 10,000 every year with jobs. Some of those kids came from single-parent homes, crackhead mothers who cared less whether the kids ate properly, and some kids had to take care of younger siblings because of their unstable homes, with the only money coming in from SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program). It’s not that Mayor Barry was trying to make himself look good; it’s that he cares for the city and especially the youth. Without SYEP many of my young friends, including myself, would have done some illegal things to get money. Not only that, SYEP gave us a sense of responsibility, and for some people who’d never had a job it gave them job training that they could use in the future.

And it’s not that he “could do what the color-struck Negroes in the city’s posh Gold Coast could not…and still talk shop with the white guys downtown”; it’s just that he can relate to the needs of the people instead of ignoring them and selling out to kiss ass to the white guys downtown.

For all of you who are glad that Mayor Barry might be leaving, take a moment to think about who’s going to come and fuck the city up when he’s gone. We tried it with Sharon Pratt Kelly. What did she do? Fuck everything up. At least the mayor has been spending money on essential things for the city—whether you like it or not—as opposed to Kelly, who spent all the money on pedicures, manicures, makeovers and shit—but nobody ever bashed her out. Get a grip and face it: Mayor Barry has been the best mayor Washington, D.C., has ever had.

Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns.

(Would I vote for Mayor Barry if he were to run again?? Hell yeah!)

LeDroit Park