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“Getting Over It for Good,” (5/22) by Erik Wemple, was very well—or appropriately—written, in that it used a Barryism: Of the many dates cited as the end of the Barry era, the most important one was left out: the time (November 1994?-January 1995?) when it suddenly was revealed that D.C. was in vast arrears fiscally. From thence all the other “ends” came.

All possible credit be given: The great achievement of Barry’s last term would seem to be that, as a figure of stature (in the political sense), he ensured that he would not be the one to be “the last mayor of the District of Columbia.” Any lesser politician might have made D.C.’s still having a mayor seem trivial.

So there will be a Next Mayor. Is that good, at all? A major issue that any person elected will definitely need to address.

Arlington, Va.

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