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Thanks for the article by Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Democracy Inaction” (5/29). I wholeheartedly second his assessment of this unfortunate situation. Our elected representatives cry out for justice and restored democracy with the full knowledge that they don’t practice what they preach. The denial of permitting the rightful position of the ANCs into the decision-making process of this city is a blatant and calculated denial of democracy to the citizens of this city by the few elected people and their cronies who scream the loudest of being denied rights by Congress. This council, mayor, and representative need to take a close look at how they practice democracy before complaining about being denied themselves. What they are seeking is status quo to the mess the control board was created to resolve.

The city was placed in this position by the same people who scream loudest. We were about to be declared insolvent with even more serious consequences! I am a native Washingtonian, and I welcome anything, or anyone, that rids this system of the remaining level of incompetence and cronyism that still prevails.

Admittedly the control board should clean up its act in terms of its actions. We as taxpayers should be informed of actions and why by whoever is in charge. They need to understand that citizens of this city are still required to pay taxes and should not lose the right of accountability from anyone. We need our ANCs to be given their rightful place with meaningful responsibilities and, most important, the respect of elected officials, including the mayor and the control board. We were devoid of real democracy before the control board! And if we stop cleaning house now we will only return the system to the previous state of “hipocracy.” Let the ANCs in the doors of democracy in this closed system.


Park Skyland Civic Association

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