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Pamela Allara, author of Pictures of People: Alice Neel’s American Portrait Gallery, will lecture on Neel (pictured in a self-portrait) and sign her recently published biography in conjunction with the National Portrait Gallery’s “Faces of Time: Seventy-five Years of Time Magazine Cover Portraits.” Neel’s portrait of Kate Millet, which graced the August 31, 1970 cover, hangs in the exhibit. “Faces of Time” spans the history of the magazine’s changing style, from Charles Lindbergh’s charcoal-drawn likeness from 1928, to Hugh Hefner sculpted by Marisol in 1967, to David Byrne’s self-portrait of 1986, and on to the current decade. The exhibit is a history of this century’s culture—each portrait represents some aspect of its era: a trend, the mood, or a movement of the day. It’s fitting, then, that the gallery is hosting Allara, because, like the magazine covers, Neel’s subjects signify their times. Her portraits are inclusive of distinctly different members of American society, from well-known activists, artists, and writers like James Farmer, Andy Warhol, and Frank O’Hara, to people who resided outside the public eye, whom Neel often only identified by their first names or vague physical descriptions. About her subjects, Neel said, “Every person is a new universe unique with its own laws emphasizing some belief or phase of life immersed in time and rapidly passing it by.” Allara’s lecture, which will include slides of Neel’s work, and this exhibit both offer windows on the gamut of the people and faces of the 20th century. At noon at the National Portrait Gallery, 8th & F Sts. NW. Free. (202) 357-2700. (Frances McMillen)