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I am writing to you relative to an article that appeared in the City Paper by Jake Tapper (“The Sheriff of Naughtyham,” 5/15). I would like to commend the City Paper for one of the finest articles I have ever seen you publish.

As a neighborhood activist who is familiar with the problems that street prostitution brings to our community, I can testify that the article is both informative and very well balanced. I also consider it to be very well written. I can only hope that your staff writer, Mr. Tapper, will continue to write more articles on this subject and that you will continue to publish them.

At a recent meeting of the D.C. Community Anti-Prostitution Task Force, some of the most die-hard critics of what is published about street prostitution indicated that this was an excellent article. Even a few individuals who despise the City Paper conceded that this was a very good article.

Those of us who love and admire Sgt. Frank Morgan and appreciate all that he has done for our community are thrilled to see him receive the recognition he is due. He has stuck with our community through some of the most discouraging of times.

Saturday night, while out on the streets of my neighborhood warding off street prostitutes, one of them even yelled at me, “Did you see the great article in the City Paper?” That’s probably the only thing we’ll ever agree upon!

Again, thank you for the article, which we consider a very responsible contribution to all that has been written on this subject. We hope the City Paper continues with this kind of excellent journalism.

Crescent Tower Condominium Association

Logan Circle