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Maybe it’s because, with my 34th birthday later this month, I’m on the verge of geezerdom, but Jason Cherkis’ article about desultory crowds at the Black Cat (“Pop Requiem,” 6/5) deserves comment. Cherkis wrote how Black Cat owner Dante Ferrando didn’t book Pere Ubu to play the club “because he couldn’t see D.C.’s conservative concertgoers flocking to the show.” Yet earlier in the article, in describing a Thursday night show by the Cannanes, Cherkis wrote, “By the time the band took the stage at 11:30…”

Now, I live only 12 miles from the club, but if I had stayed until the end of the Cannanes’ set, I wouldn’t have gotten home until about 1:00 a.m. and would have been dragging at work all day on Friday. Could it be a desire to sleep rather than conservatism that keeps many of us away from the Black Cat during the work week? Recently, the Heartworms played there on a Thursday night. Even though I’ve never heard their music, I wanted to go to the show to check them out. But they were the last of four bands; no matter how great they would have sounded, I would have had to be at my desk, exhausted, for eight hours the next day. If Ferrando and other local club owners would make it easier for us worker bees to attend shows without having to consign ourselves to sleep deprivation, then more of us would post.

Bethesda, Md.

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