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In the article “Race for the Cure” (6/19) regarding Jim Graham’s campaign for the Ward 1 council race, I noticed that all the current councilmember Frank Smith Jr. could utter was another of the race-baiting and bigoted comments he is known for.

Mr. Smith is quoted, “He’s [Jim Graham] spent his whole life advocating for the most privileged people in the world: white men.” I only ask Mr. Smith to look into the eyes of the many loved ones and family members of those individuals of color who have died or who are presently dealing with HIV/AIDS whom Jim Graham and the Whitman-Walker Clinic have helped over the many years and repeat his bigoted remarks. Only a fool would express such extreme garbage.

While Jim Graham may not be perfect—and who is?—I strongly support his efforts to become the next councilmember for all the citizens of Ward 1. I also urge all to reject Mr. Smith’s race-baiting tactics that he has interjected into this campaign.

Councilmember Smith, for all your years of involvement in the civil rights movement and of your years representing the most diverse ward in our city, you are a disgrace.

Co-chair, Jim Graham campaign

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