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In reference to your District Line article on the Madam’s Organ mural (“The Lady’s a Tramp,” 6/12):

So they say the mural is “politically incorrect, morally objectionable, and offensive to women…” If Peter Schott, James Whitman and their pals (a very, very small number) are offended and sexually titillated (pardon the pun) by a mural of a large-bodied, full-breasted, fully clothed bawdy Madam on the side of a building, they need to get off the Viagra and pop some Prozac. Get real, get a life, and for the city’s sake get a sense of humor.

The name is a joke. The “Sorry We’re Open” sign is a joke. The back of our T-shirt, which says “Where the Beautiful People Go To Get Ugly,” is also a joke. Those guys just don’t get it. They’re probably still wondering, “Who does No. 2 work for?” Doesn’t it seem a bit odd that it’s only these men who are so affronted that they are drive to action? We now have “Sir Lancelot” Schott chivalrously fighting for the plight of womanhood and James “the Art Police” Whitman fighting for good taste and fine art (but please no pictures of women with breasts) in our nation’s capital. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can now sleep a little better with these two men at the helm.

As for your “reporter,” C.W. Anderson, he should have told his editors that he’s the same Chris Anderson (he’s the guy who looks like Wally Cleaver from the old Leave It to Beaver show, right?) fired from Madam’s Organ for doing shoddy carpentry work and inattention to detail. At least this guy is consistent. If he had checked his facts, he’d have found:

1) Peter Schott is not president of the Kalorama Citizens Association—he’s past president.

2) The Madam’s mural was not at the last location, but it was on our first building three years ago, where Felix presently resides.

3) The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs didn’t cite us for obscenity, too many colors, or anything other than the placement of lettering with the name and address, which in their view constitutes a sign, not art. This is scary stuff!

Perhaps Anderson was suffering from a little “tit-elation” of his own. Not only was he able to get back at his old employer, but you let him play journalist for the first time in his life—and, as we all know, the first time is not usually our best, but it is memorable.

Let’s lighten up people. There’s

1) a war in Kosovo,

2) an occupation of Tibet,

3) a hole in the ozone,

4) a madam drawn on a building on 18th Street.

Choose the cause we should lose the most sleep over.

Madam’s Organ