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Reaction to the American Film Institute’s recent list of “America’s 100 Greatest Movies” has been predictable, even the fact that the Washington Post weighed in with an editorial daring to suggest that the ensuing discussion was useful. In conjunction with this manufactured controversy, a truck full of trinkets has been rounded up under the cumbersome moniker “The Blockbuster Legends/AFI Movie Memorabilia Tour.” The specially rigged 18-wheel truck will display over 7,000 cubic feet of stuff. Included are two actual Oscar statuettes and, most intriguing, a “hand-written letter from Travis Bickle.” Mostly, the truck is filled with costumes, like James Dean’s work shirt from Giant, Vivien Leigh’s waistcoat from Gone With the Wind, and the black suits from Men in Black. Movie outfits tend to appear dinky, dowdy, and altogether fake when removed from actors and exposed to real-time sunlight. However, it will be interesting to compare Patrick Stewart’s and William Shatner’s Star Trek uniforms. No word on whether Shatner’s toupee is making the trip. The trailer parks at Union Station, 40 Massachusetts Ave. NE. Today and Saturday, June 27, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Free. (202) 289-1908. (Dave Nuttycombe)