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I was disappointed by your recent

article on Jim Graham (“Race for

the Cure,” 6/19), particularly by

your liberal quotes from disgruntled former employees.

I have known Jim Graham for 12 years. In fact, in 1986 he was responsible for getting me my first job at the Whitman-Walker Clinic even though I was a recovering alcoholic and drug addict with very little experience. During the three years in which I had the honor to work for Jim, I was promoted from administrative assistant to special projects coordinator for development. Jim was a mentor who took chances with people without experience and with health problems. He believes in people. He is also colorblind. Because of his interest in every aspect of the clinic, I was able to learn everything I know about fundraising and public relations from him. He inspired me to return to college to get my degree. Because of him, I have enjoyed a long and successful career.

The citizens of Ward 1 are fortunate that Jim has embraced their struggle. He shares their hopes and ideals. He will show the same innovation, compassion, attention to detail, daring, and groundbreaking to this ward that he demonstrated at Whitman-Walker for so many years.

Adams Morgan