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As the owner of the Crow Bar I know any press is good press. I have to admit, however, that I was a bit amused by Mike Cole’s portrayal of the Crow Bar (“Getting Bent at the Crow Bar,” 6/26). There are no gross inaccuracies in the article, but I would appreciate the chance to offer a slightly different perspective.

I remember Mike’s tenure here very well. He was the bright-eyed good kid, a little overzealous at times, but his heart was in the right place. His innocence was often refreshing, but there were times I just had to say, “Get real, man. This is life in the big city.”

A doorman in any bar is privy to actions, statements, and yes, even character defects that go unnoticed by most customers. Whereas most doormen had seen it all, the realities of urban life seemed new to Mike. Believe it or not, some people really do get drunk, get high, and even proposition one another for sex.

Celebrities and persons of high status are no different from the rest of the population, although I would hesitate to place the honorable senator in the company of persons getting high or drunk, or looking for a quickie. That company is reserved for presidents. The senator never so much as enjoyed a cold alcoholic beverage at the Crow Bar; he was strictly a teetotaler.

I make no excuses for the actions of the patrons of the Crow Bar. They may be, perhaps, a little bit more colorful than the average Washingtonian, but no different from the customers in similar bars in other big cities. As for the owner and managers, we run a very tight ship, and Mike can certainly testify to that fact. There are 100-plus fake ID cards hanging in the office. They stand as an irrefutable statement of the extent to which the Crow Bar ferrets out naughtiness. We have absolutely no desire to run afoul of the laws of this fine city. Lord knows there are enough insecure weasels in D.C. looking to besmirch a person’s reputation for insignificant indiscretions.

The Crow Bar is not dead. It will soon be resurrected just blocks from the old location. Just when you thought it was safe…

Crow Bar