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I read the article “A Score to Settle” (6/19) by Dave McKenna. Yes, there is a bitterness that goes back to the hostage crisis. Unhappily, as we are discovering, there are reasons for the bitterness that predate ABC’s screaming headlines and music, straight from the entertainment section—not the news department. Apparently, ABC has an idée fixe or an intentional time warp. (It was of course a newspaper that beat the war drum for the war with Spain, a Hearst paper, I believe.) ABC trucks out the drums on the occasion of a soccer game. Woefully, we are still at the mercy of a medium that knowingly misuses a game to raise an issue that had no place, of all places, at an Olympic type of game.

The issue that really needs to be addressed on a news program, or written about, is Iran as a nation under occupation, 1941-1979. I begin with 1941 because that was the year of British occupation and rapid exploitation of Iran by claiming ownership of the oil and concluding an agreement that favored the British, not Iran. Britain continued this humiliation until Dr. Mossadegh became prime minister, 1951-1953. He was immediately attacked by both British and American oil companies. Since there was little difference between the two, Dr. Mossadegh was targeted by the British and American governments for overthrow. Quite literally, thugs were hired to give the impression that it was a popular uprising against Mossadegh’s premiership. Briefly put, the years after this manipulation were to be years of British and American control of Iran by economic and political means. But Dr. Mossadegh was not forgotten, and all the attempts to besmirch his name failed. We reaped a whirlwind. Is it not time to address the real reasons we found ourselves at war with Iran?

Kalorama Heights