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I was really offended to hear about the policeman’s response to a resident who was complaining about being hassled on Mount Pleasant Street (City Desk, 6/19). So, according to the police, when someone asks you for help, you are supposed to spray them in the eyes with mace or pepper spray? This response only reflects the ignorance and lack of training of our city cops… It frightens me to think that many citizens probably think this is appropriate behavior.

Yes, it’s a “pain” to have to put up with people constantly asking for money…but surely it’s not as bad as having to be in the position where one is actually begging from others. I can understand if there is some kind of physical harassment; if anyone touches me, they’re going to have a problem—and if anyone touches my child, they are going to have more than just a problem—but if someone is simply asking for help, I think simply saying “no,” “no,” and “no” will suffice. Spray him in the face with gas?? Surely, the punishment does not fit the “crime” of asking for help.

Mount Pleasant

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