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I am puzzled. The picture on Page 8 (Loose Lips) of the June 26 issue is represented as being one of the old Children’s Hospital. It is obviously not. As a native Washingtonian, I have been trying to figure out what site you presented to your readers, but I have not been able to determine it as yet. It is obviously an old picture.

What is the reason for this? Negligence? Ignorance? Laziness? Manipulation of your audience? Your offices and Children’s Hospital are in the same ZIP code. Would it have been too much trouble to take a picture and represent the site the way it has been for about six months now? There is nothing there. Contrary to the photograph, it is a site that covers one entire city block; no houses or other buildings have been on this site for decades. Just the hospital.

We who live in the neighborhood in which the old Children’s Hospital site is located (I live in the next block) are very pleased that over recent years those buildings in our community that look like the one pictured in your photograph are fast disappearing.

We are proud of our neighborhood. You may not agree with what we think is best and want in our neighborhood, but please be fair. Represent our neighborhood in your publication as what it is. We don’t need or want your misleading and misidentified photographs influencing what people think about what is going on here.

You owe us an apology, a correct picture, and correct identification of the photo you misrepresented. I’m waiting.