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As a kid I thought the ultimate job would be to design Legos. I fantasized about being able to call the R&D department and order the little plastic blocks in any size, shape, or color. Polish artist Zbigniew Libera must have entertained similar thoughts. He requested parts from the company’s Warsaw representative to build a hospital and a prison, but ended up making a series of concentration camp kits (complete with full-color boxes) that peeved the Lego folks a bit. Nothing so dark will be on hand when the Lego Imagination Celebration comes to the Capital Children’s Museum to commemorate the Danish company’s 25th year in the U.S. Consisting of a tractor-trailer full of exhibits on topics such as Lego manufacture and a tented play area for hands-on imagineering, the itinerant Legoland is open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. today through July 19 at the Capital Children’s Museum, 800 3rd St. NE. Free. (202) 275-4120. (Daniel Searing)