With regard to Dave Nuttycombe’s review of Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island (Videocrity, 7/10): About 2 to 3 years ago, I was flipping through channels late one night and came across the unrated version of Beach Babes From Beyond on Cinemax. Aside from the fact that it did indeed leave many unanswered questions that begged for a sequel (and now I can rest easy), it was noteworthy in that the star, Sarah Bellomo, is a porn star who works under the name Roxanne Blaze when in hard-core flicks (the name escapes me). This helps explain the striking degree of nudity and simulated sex acts that took place, and, if this is the same “Babe” who starred in Beach Babes 2, the cast’s nonchalance about baring their essentials for the camera is put into context. (“Been there, done that.”)

Yours is indeed a noble calling, Mr. Nuttycombe. I salute you.

Columbia, Md.

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