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I was saddened but not surprised to read Eddie Dean’s article “The Black and the Gray” (7/17). Not for the message, no matter how far-fetched, that African-Americans marched by the thousands to save “Old Dixie.” This type of story moves papers and justifies advertising dollars. It is as acceptable as to say that those prisoners in Nazi concentration camps were working for the German war machine for the “love of it.” No, I am saddened that a memorial that has taken nearly 135 years to be built gets mentioned only in context to justify such a stupid waste of tree pulp. I will go back to utilizing your paper for its better qualities: News of the Weird and to line the garbage can. (The bird won’t allow it in her cage anymore.) Try and redeem yourself by at least including a picture of the African-American Civil War Memorial, “Spirit of Freedom,” in this week’s issue and lie that no information was available for the July 17th issue, so in a fit of insanity you decided to run that garbage….


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