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Congratulations to Jonetta Rose Barras, she is employed (“Slicker Than Willie,” 7/24). May her new book sit next to the autographed copy of the Sherwood/Jaffe tome in the “Fall of Marion” wing of Loose Lips’ library.

While perceptions are that D.C. voters elected Marion only in reaction to our fears of “the man,” we actually voted for Marion because we understood that politics really is “as usual.” The City Paper, the Post, the Times, and Lauch Faircloth continue to allude to the wonders of “a future without Barry.” However, Congress continues to expose the least capable of D.C.’s citizens to unfair, dishonest treatment (“Flex Time,” 7/24).

Congress, with local reps (and, most importantly, local interests) at the fore, continues to run roughshod over D.C. You’ve sold enough ad space pretending that “out of control” local leadership had the authority or power to run the city down. Congress has led this dance since the inception of the municipality. Hopefully, other citizens of America will recognize this and force some responsibility.

CP should run an ongoing segment on actions by Congressional reps that screw D.C. residents out of jobs, freedom, and tax revenue. Unfortunately, CP knows that these guys are not likely to let you off as easily as the Barry administration, the control board, and the Council.


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