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On the theory that no criticism should go unanswered, I have to answer Loose Lips’ item (7/24) about my access to units at McLean Gardens.

First, though, I am very pleased that someone is saying at least something about the Council at-large race, since the Washington Post’s coverage is nonexistent.

I am also pleased that Loose Lips reported that I had received the endorsement of the Metropolitan Washington Labor Council. This is significant, and the two major dailies have yet to report it. Obtaining the Council’s endorsement requires a super-majority vote; mine was unanimous, and it reflects the breadth of my support.

Regarding the McLean Gardens gossip, Lips was totally wrong that I or my campaign had or has a master key that allows entry not only into each building but also into each of the 720 privately owned condos. Yes, that would be alarming and newsworthy, but there has never been such a key in anyone’s possession, even management’s.

This flap arose over the posting of half-page Xeroxed fliers over mailboxes in the common hallways at McLean Gardens. This is virtually a daily occurrence, although admittedly mine was the first political campaign to do so this year. A longtime resident and condo officer did the posting as a favor and has since turned in the common hallway key.

As far as I know, the matter is now resolved.

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