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Although the Loose Lips column should primarily be read for entertainment value, sometimes it is more entertaining than others. During recent weeks, we have been offered a barrage of gushing coverage for Anthony Williams, based on his supposedly wonderful record.

During the latest Loose Lips diatribe against Harold Brazil (7/31), admittedly an easy target, Williams has even been unilaterally named the front-runner in the mayoral race. Adding to the unintentional comedy, the columnist is even waging a campaign to try to intimidate Brazil into dropping out of the race so that we can be saved by the Nerd in Shining Armor.

For a column that is supposed to be based on insider political knowledge, we are seeing an incredible level of political naiveté. The Mighty Williams has based his campaign on the District’s budget surplus, yet few in the media are asking the hard questions as to whether Williams even had much to do with that surplus.

How easily some forget that the federal government is enjoying an unexpected surplus when that budget was written with a projected deficit. Politicians in Congress and the White House are now trying to take credit for balancing a budget that they had expected to be in a major deficit.

In the District, we are seeing much the same thing, where candidates try to take ownership of a surplus that resulted from unexpectedly high growth in the national economy. Although Williams is leading the brigade of politicos trying to claim credit for something beyond their control, he is not alone. Jack Evans and Frank Smith have been doing much the same.

Now we can wait and see just how far some politicians are willing to go in order to test the credulity of the pundits and the voters. One wonders how much longer people will put up with these daily insults on our individual and collective intelligence.

The biggest irony of all of this is that the budget would have had a surplus even if Marion Barry were still in charge of things. Barry probably would have tried to take credit for it as well.

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