If the phrase “world music” makes you think of syrupy synth-pop poured over African rhythms, let the trio of Hamiet Bluiett, D.D. Jackson, and Mor Thiam prove to you that there is more to pan-cultural sonics than confectionery goo. The band members themselves represent mixed ancestry: Pianist Jackson is the Canadian-born son of an African-American father and a Chinese mother, percussionist Thiam is from Senegal, and baritone saxophonist Bluiett is Illinois-born and -bred. What they toss in the melting pot on their debut, Same Space, is a tasty mixture of worldly jazz consisting of Bluiett’s booming horn, Jackson’s Monk-inspired keyboard romps (imagine a gospel-soaked Jacky Terrasson), and Thiam’s buoyant hand drumming. Taste the spice—not the sugar—when the Bluiett/Jackson/Thiam trio sizzles at 9 p.m. at the D.C. Jewish Community Center, 16th & Q Sts. NW. $12. (202) 518-9400. (Christopher Porter)