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Can ancient Eastern philosophy sate our late-20th-century self-help appetite? According to District-area author Kirsten Lagatree, feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”), the Chinese art of strategic placement of buildings and their contents to achieve harmony with nature, can harness the chi, or energy, of the modern workplace. Lagatree’s accounts of misplaced fax machines blocking chi flow and warnings to those toiling at L-shaped desks (their cleaverlike configuration severs communication with colleagues and superiors, and may cause chronic physical ills) can verge on the histrionic. But the author offers insightful analysis of famous work spaces, including the Oval Office, where Clinton might not have been caught with his pants down had the First Desk not faced the doors that attract harmful chi arrows. Or perky interns. Lagatree discusses and signs copies of Feng Shui at Work at Borders, 1201 S. Hayes St., Arlington. Free. (703) 418-0166. (Jessica Dawson)