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Rockabilly legend Charlie Feathers coulda been a contender, instead of a Daily Double under “Early Rock Also-Rans.” On some alternate Earth, Feathers was as famous as Orbison and Cash, wowed Ed Sullivan, and sat at the right hand of Elvis. But that Earth ain’t ours—which makes this gorgeous two-CD set from the always impressive Revenant Records so welcome. Lovingly packaged and thoroughly annotated by authors Peter Guralnick, Nick Tosches, Colin Escott, and mythic Memphis producer Jim Dickinson, Get With It is an embarrassment of riches. Maybe Feathers invented rockabilly, and maybe he didn’t, but corkers like “One Hand Loose” and the swaggering “Can’t Hardly Stand It” are note-perfect examples of the genre’s unearthly sound; not one reverbed hiccup or snare snap is out of place. All of Feather’s singles for Flip, Sun, Meteor, King, Kay, Wal-May, and Holiday Inn Records can be found on the first disc. The second includes demos and other unreleased material, including “Release Me” and “Feel Good Again,” two intriguing tracks from 1969 featuring Feathers with his guitar teacher, the late Junior Kimbrough. Feathers was Memphis’ Moses, able to gesture at the promised land but unable to enter. Get With It puts him that much closer to rock’s Canaan, where he should be welcomed with open arms.—Joe Gross