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What happened to Norma Gales (“Search and Destroy,” 7/31) sounds a lot like the days of Nazi Germany. The sad thing is that Ms. Gales pays these policemen’s salaries to be grossly mistreated this way. They sound more like Moe, Curly, and Larry. Actually, the police did do something wrong. The search warrant (if they did in fact have one) was for 1162 First Terrace NW, not 1152 Sursum Corda Court NW.

An innocent citizen was badly mistreated while out there in D.C. drug deals were going on, plus assaults, thefts, and other assorted crimes. Of course, being at the home of Ms. Gales was much safer for the policemen than being out on the street where the above-mentioned crimes were being committed.

Another thing: Couldn’t even one of the platoon of policemen read street signs? I believe Ms. Gales should be compensated for this cruelty.

Arlington, Va.