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I am sure most of you have experienced how annoying it is to walk out of a restaurant or movie theater and find a parking ticket on your car windshield. You may blame it on the parking officer for a few seconds, and then most likely you’ll blame it on yourself for having taken the risk to park too close to that hydrant or intersection. What I hope few of you have experienced is consistently receiving parking tickets solely due to either the ignorance of parking officers or the malfunction of the whole traffic-enforcement organization.

Few of you probably know that motorcycles are supposed to follow the exact same rules as cars. In particular, motorcycles must be parked parallel to the curb, in the direction of motion, exactly as cars must, as opposed to the more logical and efficient transversal parking. Violation of such a rule will result in the fine obscurely labeled “fail to parallel parking except where permitted.” Now, I don’t know whether to blame it on whoever invented such a clarifying sentence, on whoever invented the rule (that makes parking motorcycles as hard as parking cars and wastes a lot of parking space), or on whoever taught the parking personnel their job. The fact is that after all my efforts to find a parking spot, I got ticketed for it.

I think one day they will put a block to my innocent bike, or tow it away. Not a big deal—it is probably worth less than the total amount of fines I have accumulated so far. If they refuse to renew my driving license, I’ll then decide whether to hire a lawyer or more simply leave this place for a more livable city or country.

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