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I have never needed to graffiti a statue to get attention from the press (“The Drifters,” 7/24). I don’t see why David Carr has to coerce a reporter into writing falsehoods. I was moved to quote Mae West at the statue of Joan of Arc. Pat Tracey took notes. The rest is fiction.

Graffiti never had anything to do with the Psychogeographical Society until Tracey’s article. I had never seen Len Bracken wield a magic marker until Tracey came to cover this particular drift.

I regard graffiti as an immature act, and I got news for you: No one in the Psychogeographical Society vandalized anything while Pat Tracey looked on except for Lenny.

I am of the opinion that either the boys enjoy the lube job that Bracken, Tracey, and Carr continue to administer, or they are so desperate for press they have forgotten their dignity.

The Japanese have a saying, “Bunbu itchi,” or “Pen and sword in accord.”

Sorry, boys…

I hate to throw a curve in your style, but you best wave your wands more wisely.

Put that in your paper and print it.

We continue to drift.


Capitol Hill