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Why is Eddie Dean so snide about the Sonny Bono memorial in Dupont Circle (“A Shrine for Sonny,” 8/14)? I’m all for it. In a city whose cultural center is named after John F. Kennedy and whose airport is named after Ronald Reagan, how dare anyone complain about a modest memorial to Sonny?

I know I speak for all baby boomers when I say that all I have to thank JFK for is practically incinerating me when I was a child because of his Castro obsession. As for Reagan, he has only saddled me and my kids with so much debt that we will never again have a social program to help people who need help. But Sonny? When I hear “I Got You Babe,” I’m happy. And a snippet of The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour makes life worth living.

In general, I wouldn’t honor any politicians. But Sonny wasn’t really

a politician. He made us feel good. And he didn’t hurt anybody. He deserves a nice memorial. Thanks, Geary Simon.

Chevy Chase, Md.

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