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Criticizing the Fort Reno series, or implying that the “Reno people” have any responsibility to us the show-goers, is a lazy load of crap (“Strictures at an Exhibition,” 8/14). Father George, Carleton, Gus, and all the lads and ladies who take time out of their lives to put these shows together deserve nothing but our thanks and admiration.

I’ve been going to Fort Reno for eight summers now, and it’s easy to see that it’s the people who don’t show up that need a kick in the ass. It’s up to us to keep Reno alive, and if Colin Bane thinks that writing the pompous, bullshit article that he wrote will help, he needs a kick in the ass. So what if the crowd is mostly white? Have you noticed the address of the park? This is Upper Northwest in a highly segregated city. And D.C.’s claim to fame as far as “white” music goes is punk.

I’ve played Reno three times in different bands, and all you have to do to play there is ask. The amount of really rather bad bands that we’ve all seen play Reno proves that anybody can play there. If you want to complain, or at least make sure that the series continues, then go and round up all these other bands you’re talking about and ask them to play. I’ll be there.