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Congolese combo Extra-Musica’s ’97 import CD, Ouragan, has no R&B or rock rhythms inserted with the aim of reaching a mass American audience. What it does have is eight six-minute-plus Afro-rumba songs adroitly dispensing wave after danceable wave of brisk, high-pitched guitar and keyboard tones, with call-and-response French vocals overtop. While none of this 12-piece band’s five vocalists can testify like Papa Wemba, they avoid his occasional art-rock-derived pomposity, thanks in large part to the straight-ahead momentum of the arrangements. Considered the most popular young soukous band in Africa, Extra-Musica proves, contrary to the views of some world-music scribes, that its musical genre is far from played out. At 8 p.m. at the Crossroads, 4103 Baltimore Ave., Bladensburg. $20. (301) 927-1056. (SK)