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The School Without Walls Alumni Association, which represents all graduates of School Without Walls Senior High School, located at 2130 G St. NW, fully and completely supports its principal, Dr. Emily Crandall.

Members of the association read with amusement the City Paper article “A Matter of Principal” (9/4). School Without Walls is fortunate to have a principal who is caring and treats students as if they were her own children. Under Dr. Crandall’s leadership, we have expanded the SWW concept and have created many more meaningful internships and instructive programs. Last school year yielded almost $8 million in scholarships, the highest ever.

It is evident that the program continues to become more popular by the numerous articles written about us in reputable publications. SWW is a small school, of some 300-plus students. We are a family, and with all families there is always one or two who just refuse to do the right thing.

Having worked with Dr. Crandall from the first day she arrived at SWW, we know without a doubt that she is a fair and just administrator (stubborn, but fair). There have been several occasions when we did not agree with Dr. Crandall and have always found her to be receptive to criticism. If we could provide facts and logical reasons why she should not take an action she would amend her plans.

We regret that there are individuals within the SWW family who have chosen to take their concerns beyond the proper channels and have made allegations that given further scrutiny will be found to be untrue.

The City Paper article implied that part of the $37,000 Christa McAuliffe Fellowship award received by Lynn Kauffman had been used to purchase “computers and training for faculty.” We spoke today with Lynn Kauffman, and she admitted that this is untrue. No monies have been spent from this award, a year after it has been received, nor has there been an audit of the funds.

Of those who had something unpleasant to say about Dr. Crandall, we know that each one of them has needed Dr. Crandall’s help more than once. Dr. Crandall has helped teachers, staff, parents who were having difficulties with their children, and students who didn’t have money for lunch or were unable to pay for bus fare, books, etc.

What parents would not want their children at a school where there are no metal detectors, guns, knives, violence, sex, profanity, loud music of any kind, suggestive clothing, or lack of respect for teachers, staff, students, parents, alumni, and guests?

Paula Park’s article is completely wrong; the teachers who are complaining are the ones who need to, in the words of Arlene Ackerman, “find other employment.”

Thanks to the City Paper we now expect the usual number of applicants to SWW (approximately 1,100) to increase by 100 percent.


School Without Walls

Alumni Association