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As a waitress in a so-called upscale restaurant subject to Washingtonians’ and Phyllis Richman’s opinions alike, I thoroughly enjoyed the article about Greenwood at Cleveland Park (“Table Manners,” 9/25).

Thanks for commenting on the North American predilection for control and entitlement. People who go to places like Greenwood and bitch about the inability to “have it [their] way” remind me of a landlord I once had whose only comment about a monthlong journey to Paris was “Diet Cokes were $4! What a rip-off!”

Just once, I would love to remind some of these spoiled brats: Grow up, it’s only dinner, and, besides, there are hundreds of people, mostly families, within walking distance of restaurants whose monthly grocery budget wouldn’t cover an average dinner for four. They make me feel ashamed to serve some of these truly childish anal-retentive jerks.

Mount Pleasant