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With Wayne Horvitz & Zony Mash, you know keyboardist Horvitz will bring the noise and the funk. Named after a Meters tune, Zony Mash takes its savory syncopated grooves from the hot gumbo cooked up by the legendary New Orleans funksters and flavors the beats with Sun Ra space-outs, courtesy of Horvitz’s smoky B-3 organ and ancillary electronics. On the surface, Zony’s latest CD, Brand Spankin’ New, may sound like Medeski, Martin, and Wood redux, but Zony Mash’s music is harmonically richer, with fully composed songs rather than just riffs and jams. Guitarist Tim Young provides alternately dreamy and rockist counterpoint to Horvitz, and the band (including funky drummer Andy Roth and bassist Fred Chalenor) moves through its tunes like a gritty progressive rock band on a psychedelic acid-jazz trip. Give your brain and your booty a workout when Zony mash it up at 8 p.m. at Phantasmagoria, 11319 Elkin St., Wheaton. $10. (301) 949-8886. (Christopher Porter)