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I was just winding down last Thursday when the phone rang. It was my friend Jessica: “Congratulations.” “On what?” “Your mention in the City Paper (“Basses to the Fore,” 9/25). It had been a hectic day, I’d been on the phone calling up bass players all day, and I had barely had enough time to buy groceries and cook dinner for my friends, so I hadn’t picked one up yet. (Often I wait until work on Friday night anyway.) I handed the phone to my friend and peeled down to the lobby of my building, and, sure enough, there it was on Page 52.

I had been on Cloud 9 since Monday night anyway, and it was during the course of the meal that I had finally come back (one shouldn’t stay up there too long!), and this jolted me back up there.

Mr. Bane is a sneaky fellow. I had had no idea that anyone even cared enough to come, let alone write about this event. He was very thorough (he even caught the full names of the two gentlemen who played at the end—I didn’t even have their full names) and managed to really capture the tone of the event. It was a great compliment to be called “hardly a has-been himself.” (My own self-deprecating humor had spawned that comment, so it was nice that he rephrased it as such.)

The crowning event of the evening (for me at least) was when Anthony Wellington played. He was not billed, but we had told both him and Lorne Phillips that if there was enough time at the end we would let them play. I am sure glad we did. Anthony, a bass teacher, was goaded by several of his students to get up and play. He had not performed in front of an audience since 1985. He was awesome!

The bad news is that the Getting to Second Bass duet night has been postponed. The great news is that Getting to First Bass II, the sequel, is being set up for mid-November. This time I’m putting Anthony on the bill, and I will feature some other local players, too!

Thank you for the great press. As an organizer, employee of the Black Cat, and “hardly has-been” musician, I am completely honored.

Adams Morgan